Cup shaped mask

1.The nose clip can be adjusted to make the mask and face more closed, and the dust cannot leak in easily.

2.Adopt three-dimensional structure, so that the human body has more breathing space.

3.Elastic headbands, easy to fix, and more comfortable and durable.

4.Ergonomic nose design, built-in soft foam nose pad, increasing the comfort of wearing.


1. Reach EU EN 149:2001 FFP3 standard.

2. The working principle of the breathing valve is that the positive pressure of the gas discharged during exhalation blows off the valve plate to quickly remove the waste gas inside the body and reduce the muggy feeling when using the mask, while the negative pressure when inhaling will automatically close the valve to avoid the pollutants inhaling from the external environment.

3.The design of respiratory valve can reduce heat accumulation, make breathing easier, suitable for high temperature, high humidity, muggy environment for a long time to use.

150,000 units daily output

100,000 level dust-free workshop

Official Testing Equipment

Shined and its Canadian subsidiary obtained the EU CE certification of Cup shaped mask FFP1/FFP2  on Sep 7, 2020.

Cup shaped mask with respiratory valve

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